Re-claimed Scrapwood Furniture

We are always looking for innovative, eco-friendly design and use of materials at Fashion & Recycling. These pieces created from scrapwood by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek are great examples of inspired design from recycled, re-purposed or waste materials.

One of our favorite pieces from this designer is The Imperfectionist. known for his scrap wood furniture, Eek has made a name for himself by being ecologically responsible and highlighting beauty of material and craftmanship…

Go Green Go Shopping

There’s no better way to go green than to go shopping! San Diego Living Green Scene reporter Erin Mikael did a piece this week on how to create your own signature style with recycled clothes. The segment was shot live at San Deigo’s own Factory Vintage. This store takes a whole new look at Green design and products starting from the ground up.>

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Music, Art, Clothing Drive?

Music, Art, Clothing Drive? That might sound a little off beat, but why not, is what the folks at Factory Vintage in San Diego decided when they through a summer donation drive at their new retail store in Bay Park.

On Saturday July 12th the Factory Vintage opened their retail showroom featuring a collection of authentic vintage apparel, albums, accessories; as well as one of a kind vintage reconstruction pieces. In their back warehouse/gallery they featured a diverse collection artwork from local San Diego artists Cowboy, Terry Diamond & Jonny Mac. During the entire event they had a local DJ crew spinning classic reggae and ska from a rare and admirable collection. Then at 7pm local legendary Ska band Self Made Men played a lengthy set for an excited crowd of fans and onlookers.

Great Art work, dancing, and shopping was all happening while a summer clothing drive was taking place. Anybody who brought in old clothes to donate to local charities would get 20% discount or gift card for their store.

Wave Power

Jorge Chapa put together a piece on the Giant Anaconda Tube Generates Energy from Waves! This is a snake-like rubber tube float that floats in the ocean that could prove that wave energy conversion is an economically viable solution to meet our power needs. At least that is what the creators of the Anaconda device are hoping will happen. The Anaconda was designed in the UK by Francis Farley and Rod Rainey, the Anaconda is a very simple giant rubber tube that generates energy by bobbing up and down in the water.

Electricity is generated via the up-and-down motion of the waves. The waves will hit one end of the tube, thus creating a bulge which is pushed from one end to the other. The bulge becomes bigger and bigger as it runs down the tube until it hits the generator, where the water turns a turbine, and generates electricity. I think this is just the beginning of something we will see more of.

Thrift Store Clocks

More rad clock ideas made from just about anything cool you can find. Reasonable price as well from $20- $25 bucks. Available at Etsy

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