Did You Say Fifty Dollar Green House?

David LaFerney at
The Door Garden found away to make a green house in his back yard by spending only $50 bucks. “Grated” he claims, “I already had some of the materials, but even if I had bought everything new just for this project It would still only come to about $120 – less than a dollar per square ft.” If you have the room in your yard then I would take a recommend taking a look at his simple design.

With gas prices and energy costs rising, produce and dairy costs will continue to increase as well. One of the things I remember my grandma saying about the depression was that she learned to plant her own garden. Having your own garden is rewarding and one day could be a necessity.

Photos Courtesy of The Door Garden

Reconstructed Men’s Western Shirt


Particle Re-constructs an over-sized mens cowboy shirt to a nice fitted ladies top.

The Savanah can either be worn as a mini dress or with jeans or leggings. Particle Reconstruction line combines vintage materials from the past with the creative style of the present. Each piece is formed from recycled clothing which has been deconstructed and refitted together to create a unique and original garment.

Available $72

Season Gift Ideas

SAN DIEGO: Vintage Costumes BY the POUND

Halloween Costumes By the Pound? Hmmmmn Sounds entreating doesn’t it. Well it should be because not only do we have tons of vintage clothing that can be used as great costumes, but we have got a bunch of great costume ideas as well.

FACTORY VINTAGE is opening their Vintage Warehouse to the public ONE DAY ONLY. Saturday October 11, 2008 between 11am – 6pm

All you have to do is decide what you want to be, then put together your outfit by sifting through our huge selection of authentic vintage clothing. Not only will your costume be 100% Recycled, but you will have a blast putting it together. Once you find what you need, throw it on a scale, pay up, and off you go.

Having Trouble What to be this Halloween How about going as:


  • Army Guy
  • Army Girl
  • 70’s Roller Girl
  • Hula
  • Mail Man
  • Nurse
  • Mechanic
  • Police Man
  • Park
  • Milk Man
  • Sailor
  • Pirate
  • 70’s Pimp
  • 80’s
  • Wench
  • Maid
  • Old Dude
  • Fire Fighter
  • Party

TV or Movie:

  • Beatrice from Kill Bill
  • Dwight
    & Angela From The Office
  • Survival Player from Show
  • Lieutenant
    Dangel Reno 911
  • Colombo
  • Obama
  • Barbarella

If these don’t work come by Saturday, we have many more ideas.

Come on down,

Factory Vintage 4120 Napier RD San Diego, CA



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