Running the Numbers

We found some great photos and information at The pictures show how many plastic bottles the US disposes of every five minutes.

An American Self-Portrait

by Photographer/artist Chris Jordan
Plastic Bottles, 2007

Depicts two million plastic beverage bottles, the number used in the US every five minutes.
Partial zoom:
Detail at actual size:

There are also great images of how many paper bags we use, office paper, aluminum cans, logos and more. It is pretty eye opening and upsetting. Check it out at

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Tubeway Armies Arm Warmers

With winter moving in across most of the US and Europe, it is time to consider fashionable clothing and insulation options. We found these cute hand/arm warmers at that are worth mentioning. These arm warmers are eco-fashioned from an upcycled, 100% wool sweater and adorned with vintage, eye-catching, Bakelite buckles. Created by designer, gayeabandon.

$26 @

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The First Wave Farm

The worlds first commercial wave farm was launched live at the end of September in Agucadoura. Located a few miles off of the coast of Portugal. Designed by Pelamis Wave Power, the farm employs three Wave Energy Converters – snakelike, semi-submerged devices that generate electricity with hydraulic rams driven by waves. This first phase of the new renewable energy farm is rated at 2.25 MW with 3 machines, and the the second phase will add an additional 25 machines to bring the capacity to 21 MW – enough to power 15,000 homes!

According to an article written in Inhabitat by Bridgette Steffen last month, “Pelamis Wave Energy Converters are tethered to the ocean floor by cables and are pointed perpendicular to the coastline. Each device is composed of several sections connected with articulated joints. As the waves roll in past the device, each section is driven up and down, while the hydraulic rams inside resist the motion. This resistance pumps high pressure fluid through hydraulic motors, which drive electric generators, thereby producing electricity. This electricity is then transmitted via underwater cables to the mainland.”

Waves are as common as the rising sun. This is a great way to produce energy and something that we will keep our eyes on at Born Activist.

Source Courtesy of Inhabitat
Image Courtesy of Inhabitat

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