What if Every Day is Earth Day?

What if every day was earth day? Do you think things would actually change for the better or do you think that people would become immune to it and go on living their glutenous lives without paying attention to their surroundings? Do you think big companies and goofy politicians would still be talking about silly make believe concepts like Clean Coal? Do you think new buzz words like “Green, ECO and Sustainable” would have any meaning?

Three Pieces of Trash

Happy Earth Day Everyone! Now get out their and start picking up some trash. No Seriously, if everyone picks up at least three pieces of trash on every one of their transits today, just think what difference that could make. You start out by picking up three pieces on the way to you car, then once you get to your morning coffee shop, you pick up three more. On your way into your office, three more, on your way to your car for lunch, three more and so on and so on all the way until you return home at the end of the day. Which of coarse you can pick up three more. It is simple, it is not asking too much and yes it will make a difference. If anything it will open the eyes of those who participate on how each person can make a individual difference. Think about how clean your beach would be if everyone picked up three pieces of trash on their way out and three more on their way in. Let’s Do it!!

The Kelp Bed Project

“If we are going to get this thing off of the ground then we had to find a place to start.” says one of the founders of the Kelp Bed Project. Three guys from three different industries. One from a web designer and project manager background, the other a sales rep for action sport brands and the third from a recycled apparel distributor and retailer background. They all run their own independent companies but that isn’t the only thing that they have in common. “I think all of us have bean surfing for over 30 years.” says RC “We had all been wanting to interlude some kind of project with surfing and distribution. But not just any distribution, we wanted to make a difference with what we did and how we ran the business. After getting together for a morning surf / brainstorming session the concept came together. ”

Retailers took a huge hit during the past holiday seasons, clothing brands and product distributors also took a hit as retailers cut back and canceled orders. Warehouses were stuck with way more overstock product than they were accustomed to as the retailers adjusted to the new economy “recession”. The Kelp Bed Project interacts with different brands and finds ways to distribute their overstock product through charities or outreaches to different communities. “There are so many people in need, and with earthquakes and natural disasters becoming pretty consistent in today’s planet, too many people need immediate supplies and there are not as many organizations out there as you might think to access what is needed.” said LC an active member in the Kelp Bed Project, ” The KB not only feels the gap between the large distribution companies and the shirtless kids in the streets of El Salvador, but they have all kinds of resources and outlets to raise awareness and gather funds for local people in need as well”

What started with outsourcing new surfboards that were turning yellow as they sat in a warehouse, has gained momentum into New Sustainable business model changing minds as to how overstock product from our personal closets to distribution warehouses should be handled. We look foward to what the guys at The Kelp Bed Project come up with next.

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