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This Past Weekend in Los Angeles Buy and Sell “inspiration”

The kulture recycling & vintage fashion event “Inspiration” was hosted by Rin Tanaka, the author of the “My Freedamn!” book series. Under the big theme of his life, “vintage fashion,” this event was held at one of the coolest “event halls” in Los Angeles, “Barker Hanger,” which is located inside Santa Monica Airport. As the photo on this page shows, this vintage-looking space was mostly used as vintage airplane storage for repair crews, but on February 12th and 13th, 2010, this huge indoor space (capacity: 3,000 people) was  filled with many vintage fashion fans from around the world!

During this two-day show, a total of 60 vendors and exhibitors were set up unique and very special booths displaying their own inspiration: 35 vintage fashion dealers, 10 designer & artist booths, 8 charity garage sales, and 7 special exhibitions. Their business concept in this vintage atmosphere is to “buy and sell inspiration.” Actually, many “kulture recycling” products, mainly vintage American fashions manufactured in the 1910s-1980s, will be displayed everywhere in this hall. Vintage fans will get amazing opportunities to view so many vintage items. Most items will be “for sale,” except for special exhibition decorations.

The main targets of this show were worldwide vintage fashion enthusiasts, not only from all 50 states but also from Japan, Canada, and other places worldwide!

Vintage Wrap Skirts

Vintage wrap skirts#509 Vintage Women’s Wrap Skirts

Look out ladies; the best fitting skirt from the 70’s and 80’s is back and available through our Vintage Wrap Skirt collection. Not only are they flattering, comfortable, and available in every fabric, the Vintage Wrap Skirt fits everyone. The adjustable wrap waist lends itself to every form and figure, resulting in a slim silhouette accompanied by an extension that enables enough leg room to comfortably walk. Whether you’re a denim doll or searching for those pink bunny appliqués, each piece in the Vintage Wrap Skirt collection has a story to tell and the next one will be yours.


Item # 509
Fabric: Poly/cotton/rayon
Eras:70’s – 80’s

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