Sustainable LifestyleWe believe that activism is the desire to change things through action and commitment towards a goal. We do not believe that all activists are militant and political, we do feel that anyone can be an activist from the stay at home mom to the CEO of a fortune 500 company. Awareness is key to survival and understanding, often times the only way for most of us to become aware is through the work of activists. Find out what others are doing below. >>

FOOD, INC. Coming to a Theater Near You!

FOOD, INC., directed by Robert Kenner, “lifts the veil on our nation’s food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that’s been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government’s regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA.”

Released by Magnolia Pictures, the film opens in select theaters (NY/LA/SF) Friday, June 12, but will receive a wider release in additional cities throughout June and July. Find play dates @ more info on Food, Inc. @

What if Every Day is Earth Day?

What if every day was earth day? Do you think things would actually change for the better or do you think that people would become immune to it and go on living their glutenous lives without paying attention to their surroundings? Do you think big companies and goofy politicians would still be talking about silly make believe concepts like Clean Coal? Do you think new buzz words like “Green, ECO and Sustainable” would have any meaning?

Three Pieces of Trash

Happy Earth Day Everyone! Now get out their and start picking up some trash. No Seriously, if everyone picks up at least three pieces of trash on every one of their transits today, just think what difference that could make. You start out by picking up three pieces on the way to you car, then once you get to your morning coffee shop, you pick up three more. On your way into your office, three more, on your way to your car for lunch, three more and so on and so on all the way until you return home at the end of the day. Which of coarse you can pick up three more. It is simple, it is not asking too much and yes it will make a difference. If anything it will open the eyes of those who participate on how each person can make a individual difference. Think about how clean your beach would be if everyone picked up three pieces of trash on their way out and three more on their way in. Let’s Do it!!

The Kelp Bed Project

“If we are going to get this thing off of the ground then we had to find a place to start.” says one of the founders of the Kelp Bed Project. Three guys from three different industries. One from a web designer and project manager background, the other a sales rep for action sport brands and the third from a recycled apparel distributor and retailer background. They all run their own independent companies but that isn’t the only thing that they have in common. “I think all of us have bean surfing for over 30 years.” says RC “We had all been wanting to interlude some kind of project with surfing and distribution. But not just any distribution, we wanted to make a difference with what we did and how we ran the business. After getting together for a morning surf / brainstorming session the concept came together. ”

Retailers took a huge hit during the past holiday seasons, clothing brands and product distributors also took a hit as retailers cut back and canceled orders. Warehouses were stuck with way more overstock product than they were accustomed to as the retailers adjusted to the new economy “recession”. The Kelp Bed Project interacts with different brands and finds ways to distribute their overstock product through charities or outreaches to different communities. “There are so many people in need, and with earthquakes and natural disasters becoming pretty consistent in today’s planet, too many people need immediate supplies and there are not as many organizations out there as you might think to access what is needed.” said LC an active member in the Kelp Bed Project, ” The KB not only feels the gap between the large distribution companies and the shirtless kids in the streets of El Salvador, but they have all kinds of resources and outlets to raise awareness and gather funds for local people in need as well”

What started with outsourcing new surfboards that were turning yellow as they sat in a warehouse, has gained momentum into New Sustainable business model changing minds as to how overstock product from our personal closets to distribution warehouses should be handled. We look foward to what the guys at The Kelp Bed Project come up with next.

Running the Numbers

We found some great photos and information at The pictures show how many plastic bottles the US disposes of every five minutes.

An American Self-Portrait

by Photographer/artist Chris Jordan
Plastic Bottles, 2007

Depicts two million plastic beverage bottles, the number used in the US every five minutes.
Partial zoom:
Detail at actual size:

There are also great images of how many paper bags we use, office paper, aluminum cans, logos and more. It is pretty eye opening and upsetting. Check it out at

images courtesy of

Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage are a group British surfer from Cornwall, England who surf AND campaign for clean, safe waters, free from “sewage effluents, toxic chemicals, marine litter and nuclear waste.” They were founded in 1990 by a group of surfers, who were literally ‘sick of getting sick’ through repeated ear, nose, throat and gastric infections after going in the sea. The eco-warriors specialize in great publicity campaigns; such as posing naked with “no butts on the beach ” written on their bottoms and showing up at an awards ceremony with a golden toilet brush for one of the sponsors.

As a fundraiser they asked ten of Britain’s hottest artist to create a surf board design for them, the theme being the threat of coastal pollution. These environmentally friendly boards would be displayed at several art galleries and then auctioned off for charity. The artists included Damien Hirst, Jamie Hewlett, Banksy, Adrenalin Magazine, and Aphex Twin. That auction netted £77,000, with the 2 Damien Hirst boards going for £59,000 (love that booming art market). After such a roaring success, another art surfboard auction is planned for October, and the artists participating get even more famous: Sir Paul McCartney, Gavin Turk and Tracy Emin. Start saving. :: Surfers Against Sewage

Info Via Treehugger
Images Via SAS


We found this on and thought that it was worth re posting: Always quick to act, Architecture For Humanity is quickly pulling together efforts to offer design services to the survivors left in Cyclone Nargis’ wake this past Saturday. With more than two million people now displaced in Myanmar, even small donations will be a big help in AFH’s effort to rebuild. More than 85% of the donations go directly toward innovative design and construction solutions.

At the time of writing, $13,500 have been raised (and 25% matched) by more than 240 donors who believe in the power of design to rebuild communities. If you would like to contribute to the cause or volunteer follow the link below:


Hemp Set to Solve the Mountain Pine Beetle Crisis

We found this Post at and thought it was worth a mention.
So what can be done about Canada’s blight of mountain pine beetles who are savaging forests turning them from carbon sinks to emitters? Well, at least from an economic point of view the Government of Canada think hemp might be one of the solutions.
They are investing $235,665 CD to help the District of 100 Mile House launch a hemp production pilot project. This project will “assess the viability of an industrial hemp processing facility, and includes the production of 200 acres of industrial hemp crop demonstrations, product development and test marketing. An alternative source of fibre, industrial hemp can be used in the development of construction products such as particleboard, insulation materials, and countertops.”
We have read elsewhere that hemp consumes about 1.7 times its dry weight in CO2 during its growth cycle, but haven’t yet been able to track down a scientific study confirming this. Though we keep looking. One of the sources quoting such a figure, also suggests that “each hectare of hemp could immediately sequester some 22 tonnes of greenhouse gases. Bast crops are able to sequester more carbon than trees in a short 150 day season cycle and yet leave arable land available for food and other crop production in the remainder of the year.”
In the meantime the Government of Canada are pursuing this project as “one step closer to a more sustainable, diversified local economy.” ::Federal Mountain Pine Beetle Funding for Hemp Pilot Project.

TAKE ACTION Save Trestles

We wanted to update you on the fight to Save Trestles. Please take time to read the following. Posted at

Surfrider Foundation Action Network
Deny the Toll Road Appeal

The Transportation Corridor Agency is trying to revive its plan to build the 241 Foothill-South Toll Road through San Onofre State Beach. They have asked the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to override the California Coastal Commission’s denial of the road.
Remember, on February 6, 2008 the California Coastal Commission voted to deny the 241 Foothill South Toll Road through San Onofre State Beach. Following thousands of pages of written comments and a 14 hour hearing attended by thousands, the Commission listened to reason and to the law by rejecting the toll road application.
Unfortunately the agency planning this Toll Road has appealed the Coastal Commission’s decision to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. The Secretary is accepting comments from the public on this appeal until May 28th. The people in D.C. need to hear from Californians and people from all over the world who care about San Onofre and Trestles!

Your voice is needed! Don’t let the TCA’s lobbyists be the only influence on this important decision!

Simply click “” to view a letter template that you can send to the Secretary asking that he DENY the Toll Road appeal.

Surfer Stops Supperferry

Superferry Hits Human Blockade in Kauai

I found this story interesting and worth reporting. This story was posted by By: Mari-Ela David on KHNL KAUAI (KHNL)

– After leaving Honolulu Harbor on its first official journey out to sea, the Superferry gets a nasty welcome from protestors on Kauai. Once the vessel arrived in Kauai around 6:00 p.m. Sunday, angry words rippled through the waters at Nawiliwili Harbor, as protestors temporarily blocked the Alakai from docking.

Some protestors swam and surfed towards the vessel, determined to block the giant ship’s path.
For safety reasons, the Coast Guard stepped in and stopped the Superferry from docking, leaving 500 passengers stuck on the ship for at least an hour.

Participating in the protest were some of Kauai’s leaders. “I’m really disappointed and utterly shocked that the owners are not willing to follow the law to stop their operations,” says Kauai County Councilmember Joann Yukimura. Critics say the Superferry is breaking the law.

The Supreme Court ruled the Superferry must provide an environmental assessment. The debate between supporters and opponents is whether or not that ruling means the Superferry can still operate while the assessment is being conducted.

Among Superferry supporters is the State Administration. “Governor Lingle, and the Department of Transportation – I’m very disappointed that they’re not respecting the decision that just came down by the Hawaii Supreme Court and I would hope that they would honor that so we can move forward and resolve this very difficult and complicated situation,” says Senator Gary Hooser.

But Superferry officials say they are well within the legal lines. In a statement, Hawaii Superferry says “We are extremely disappointed for the passengers who were booked on the voyage to Kauai…we are sorry to see that minority dissident groups have chosen to oppose a service that the people of Hawaii have overwhelmingly embraced.”

The Superferry finally docked around 7 pm Sunday.

Witnesses say protestors laid down in front of cars as the crew tried to unload the vehicles off Nawiliwili Harbor. At that point, they say the Superferry boarded passengers back on the ship.
The vessel is scheduled to arrive at Honolulu Harbor around 11:00 p.m. Sunday.

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