Men’s Fifties Dress Shirts

Mens Fifties Dress ShirtsDust Factory Vintage Clothing Wholesale Men’s Vintage Classic Button Down Dress Shirts from the 1950’s – 1960’s. Loops collar, straight tails and small pocket embroidery gave these classic dress shirts a look and feel that continues in fashion today for mens casual dress shirts.

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Vintage 1950's Style Dress Shirts

VIntage Shirts#403 1950’s Style Men’s Dress Shirts

The classic Vintage Men’s 50’s Style Shirt collection maximizes a sturdy design with an easy fit and comfortable fabric. Containing light weight cotton with hints of rayon and some polyester blends this straight bottom, loop collar shirt appears elegant, but is designed to be stylishly un-tucked. Embroidered emblems prevail over the breast pockets and sharkskin fabric is no longer a distant memory. Greasers, rockabillys and swing dancers alike will feel the influence and character of these timeless shirts as they travel back to a period filled with casual elegance.


Item # 403
Fabric: nylon/cotton/rayon/poly
Eras: 50’s – 80’s

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