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vintage flannel shirtsDust Factory Vintage Clothing Men’s Dress Flannel Shirt Collection. Classic men’s vintage flannel shirts from the 1960’s – 1980’s. Cool button down casual shirts with geometric plaid and typical flannel style prints. Each shirt is one of a kind and a great piece for any collection.

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Vintage Flannel Shirts

Vintage Flannel Shirts Wholesale

Men’s Vintage Flannel Shirts

From Lumber jacks in the North West to Surfers in the south west, the flannel shirt is another timeless tradition and look that will not ever go away. Dust Factory offers a light-weight and a heavy-weight (lined flannel) grade. Available in men’s and women’s sizing.

#410 Men’s Vintage Flannel Shirts

Item # 410
Eras:70’s – 90’s
Grades: Light-weight and Heavy-weight

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