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Vintage Clothing SuppliersIt is no easy task recycling and grading vintage clothing in bulk to provide to vintage clothing boutiques world wide.
Each month textile recyclers save over 15 million pounds of clothing from being placed in landfills. The vintage suppliers work side by side with textile recyclers looking for those pieces that are still desired by boutique owners and vintage consumer. The task is not easy, but the mission is rewarding. Each piece that is not resold in a vintage boutique or thrift store is shipped to underprivileged countries or disaster areas around the glob looking for clothing and accessories. Find out more below…


When it comes to collecting vintage clothing from the United States the Japanese buyers have been paving the path for nearly 30 years. Since the eighties Japanese vintage collectors have been traveling across the United States hitting up thrift stores, vintage stores, clothing flea markets and just about anywhere they could find old vintage jeans, leather jackets, sneakers or t-shirts.

As the vintage clothing culture became more popular in Japan and the demand grew collectors began to find new ways to locate more product. Because each vintage piece is essentially a one-off it is difficult to determine the actual size and fit without trying it on. One problem the collectors had was finding vintage pieces that were not only the correct size but the way the garment fit had to be perfect as well. To overcome this obstacle they hired hip Japanese boys and girls that were the perfect body shape to match the sizes that they were looking for.

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We created the online vintage warehouse with you in mind. We are glad to have you check it out.

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  • We have a Special Running with a $350 Order Minimum for Online Order Only!
  • All Vintage items are sold in packs of twelve
  • Images are just samples of the type product that we put in our packs, no two packs are alike

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Sourcing American Recycled Clothing

Over the years Dust Factory has bean the leading supplier of American recycled clothing, aka Vintage.

We cater to designers seeking inspiration, vintage boutiques and stores, remake companies, department stores in need of larger quantities, online sellers and exporters. Many of our accounts use our knowledge of the vintage industry to their advantage. By using us as a bulk supplier, they can better idea of what’s selling around the world, and how to price, merchandise and better push their vintage finds. It’s the combination of great clothes and knowledge that make store successful.

Dust Factory is unique in that we have the ability and knowledge to prepare orders for you. Family owned and operated we are an environmentally conscious fashion forward experienced and tested used clothing wholesaler with no appointments necessary come on by and check us out !

Why Vintage? (continued 2)

Why Vintage Clothing?
When vintage shops customers were narrowed between theater students and collectors, buyers didn’t have to continuously re-fill their racks. As the market grew so did most buyers strategies.

Buyers for Vintage Clothing Stores in the past are different from the buyers of today. When vintage shops customers were narrowed between theater students and collectors, buyers didn’t have to continuously re-fill their racks. As the market grew so did most buyers strategies. It seams some buyers are content with their techniques from the past, while others are forced to obtain their merchandise in other ways. Differences between the time and resources that the actual vintage buyers have, will predicate how and what type of merchandise each shop will carry. Some buyers choose to get their pieces by continuously spending there weekends hitting up vintage swap meets, garage sales, or estate sales. Everyone at one time or so, vintage collector or not, has spent a Saturday or Sunday morning driving from garage sale to garage sale. Some times it pays off and the buyer can find great eclectic pieces through shopping this way, but more times than none they’ll spend hours upon hours sifting through piles of clothes, or whatever the hunt is for, in peoples front yards to come up with a couple of pieces or none. A vintage collectors time is valuable, seeing how most buyers are in fact shop owners, and would rather spend time at there shop where they are needed most, instead of peoples yards. Vintage Clothing Swap Meets are a good alternative, if a city near the buyer even hosts one. Unfortunately most vendors at these swap meets are in fact shop owners themselves, trying to sling there second hand dead stock* for cheap, while they sell there good vintage merchandise at a retail price. Sometimes good deals can be found, but again, the time and effort to sift through these swap meets can be demanding, leaving buyers to many times empty handed.

Most Vintage buyers that need to purchase in bulk, skip over garage sales and vintage clothing swap meets completely, and go directly for the source. They hit a rag house, the end of the rode for most clothes. Rag houses are warehouses that collect every charitable clothing item that anyone, anywhere, has ever given away. They are kind of like the manufacturer for the vintage clothing industry, if you can accept that they are not actually manufacture anything. They are instead more like the ultimate supplier for the industry. Although supplying for vintage buyers is not what the company are set up to do. Some donated items are picked out and sold in second hand thrift stores. Nonetheless, it seems that more times than none, the clothing ends up at a rag house that will bail it, weigh it, and ship it to another country. Vintage shop buyers have bean hitting up rag houses for years now, asking them to sift through there merchandise and pull out pieces that would sell in a shop. Many rag houses have found that it is indeed profitable to separate vintage pieces from the rest of their rags, to sell to vintage collectors. For a little more per pound than the average bails, a vintage buyer can purchase 1000-pound bales of merchandise that they need for their shop. This is a better solution than hunting down single pieces at garage sales or swap meets, but it still leaves a lot to be un-desired.


(Land of yogurt, granola, and vinatge Swapmeets. If youre lucky enough, like the folks in California, you might just beable to take a Sunday off and head to the Rose Bowl for a Vinatge Clothing Swapmeet. You may have better luck at one of these than at the neighborhood garage sales. Just be ready to bargain, because most vendors have a Vinatge shop somewhere else. FROM THE TOP One sunday a month in Los Angeles, California the Rose Bowl hosts a section for vintage clotheing at there swap meet. All pictires taken from Denim An American Legend. Iain Finlayson. p.36)

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Online Vintage Clothing Warehouse Open to Buyers



At Dust Factory we have been mastering the process of locating, sorting, grading and selling vintage apparel to shops for the past 10 years. We realize that so much of our product compliments contemporary style and that we already have the natural worn look and feel that so many designers have to work at reproducing.

Our team of collectors have selected specific groups of 100% vintage clothing to include in our new season. And through style, size and color breakdown, have constructed a familiar and convenient way for boutique buyers to select timeless vintage pieces with unique style and blending abilities.

vintage warehouse

The days of sifting through different attics or thrift stores for product are past us. We have now broke down the process even more with our online virtual shop. Designed as a fun, informative and easy way to order vintage clothing.

Online Wholesale Vintage Clothing Shop

Vintage clothing buyers from all around the world are ordering vintage clothing directly from their mobile devices and computers. Current customers can began placing their orders today, new customers can open an account and place orders as soon as their account is approved. Usually withing a few minutes.

Dashboard                                Products Page

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Product Description                       Checkout

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Ordering vintage clothing for your store has never been easier. With an easy to use interface buyers can order directly from the products catalog, or from the product description page.


vintage shopAt Dust Factory we are always trying to make the buying process easier for the buyers, which in most cases are also the shop owners. That is why we have put some of our more common items that we carry season by season in our online warehouse. This way we can offer special deals to our current customers, as well as make ordering authentic vintage merchandise for their store as easy as possible.


Our online warehouse is reserved for Dust Factory Customers Only. Don’t worry it is easy to open an account.

Click Here If you would like to open an account with Dust Factory and have access to the Dust Factory Online Vintage Clothing Warehouse.

If you looking for a mix that is unavailable in our shop it does not mean that we do not carry it, please contact a sales representative at to check on availability.

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Special on Vintage Dresses

vintage dresses wholesale

Dust Factory Vintage Clothing Wholesale is offering a special on our *New Summer Women’s Vintage Dress Mix for a limited time only.

This is a special collection that we have just put together focusing on classic summer vintage dresses from the 1960’s-1980’s. This wonderful mix is a collection of vintage 60’s metal zipper frocks, 70’s and 80’s party dresses and cute strappy summer style dresses.

Images are samples of dresses that our in this collection. First Come First Serve. All orders will ship within 48 hrs (depending upon availability)

Dresses are $14 when purchasing a 12pck for $168!

Current Customers Click Here to order vintage dresses


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Also Available Vintage Delicate Dresses!

wholesale delicate dresses

*Check out our Glitter Delicate Dress Mix !

Fashion Backwards

Vintage Clothing From the Past

If we had the opportunity to go back twenty years there is a good chance that we could predict what the kids, or want to be hipster  would be wearing today. Over the past ten years vintage stores have been on the rise. However each store is unique catering to the taste of the buyers for each vintage shop. As Vintage Clothing Wholesalers we have been in the industry for the past 12 years inventing ways to supply clothing to these retro clothing buyers worldwide.  We have watched the trends come and go, watched the buyers come and go, watched new countries get into vintage clothing, and other countries get out of it. Over and over again we have come to the simple the conclusion that Fashion is Backwards.

There is nothing new under the sun. I guess that Pablo Picasso was right when he said “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” If this statement is true, which I have come to believe that it is, and we were to relate it to the fashion industry then we might come to the conclusion that today’s fashion designers are only good at what they do. However the vintage clothing buyers are great.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers pretend that they are original artists with original ideas, when 95% of their designs are rehashed ideas from the past. Some of them give props to the original designers from twenty years back, but for the most past even the contemporary designers have no idea where the idea originated.

Vintage Clothing Buyers

The vintage clothing buyers on the other hand respect fashion for what it is, they respect the original designers and for their ingenuity and craftsmanship. Often turning a blind eye to contemporary designers and their cheaply made knock-offs. I guess that it would be safe to say that instead of copying their ideas, they just steal them. Not claiming them as their own design, but acting more like an art dealer, not letting the old classic pieces go by the wayside and end up in some land fill.

For the past twelve years we have learned to give respect to the dealers in the vintage clothing industry trade, not so much the fashion designers. Sure there are a handful of great designers out there, but our admiration goes to the dealers making it happen. For this reason Fashion is Backwards.

vintage wholesale catalog