Spring Cleaning – Denim Jackets + T-shirts + Levi Shorts

Dust Factory is featuring a collection of the essential items you need for your Spring 2019 vintage collection. From Denim to T-shirts, Dust Factory Vintage Wholesale has everything that you need to keep your store stocked, your customers happy and your coffers full.

For a Limited Time Only:

  • Wind Breakers $16
  • Harley Davidson T-shirts $10
  • Lee, Levi Wrangler Jeans $25
  • Denim Cutt-off Shorts $16
  • Denim Jacket Mix $15

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    Vintage items are subject to availability.  Most orders ship within one week, harder to source items can take longer. Contact us above if you would like to find out more about how to open an account to place an order. If you already have an account you can also email your rep to place an order.

    Spring 2019 Style Trends

    Vintage Levi jacket

    Wholesale Levis Retro Vintage Denim Jacket

    What’s In: Denim is here to stay! From denim jackets, to denim shorts, even the denim color dress shirts are in full throttle this summer. Pair this with a vintage style  Harley Davidson t-shirt, Rock T-shirt or Animal print and you will have what your customers are looking for.

    Whats Out: The fitted t-shirt look is now the look for frat boys and country western stars. Are your customers frat boys or country western stars? I didn’t think so. Your customers are probably more of the fashion forward individual style fashionistas, they are looking for the loose t-shirt or tank-top to wear with their vintage jeans or shorts.


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