Tips for Wearing Vintage Clothing

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By: Natasha Koifman

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Sometimes, I even think about their original owner — wondering how differently we’re wearing the same piece, how different our lives are. There’s something magical and mysterious about the connection to a woman you know nothing about other than that you wore and loved the same piece of clothing or jewelry and that somehow it has lasted all this time ~ Natasha Koifman

If you’ve flipped through May’s magazines you will know that the fashion world is waiting with baited breath for this weekend’s release of The Great Gatsby. The classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald has been adapted by Baz Luhrman (of Moulin Rouge fame) and, if the trailer is anything to go by, it will be a visual and style spectacle.

It’s remarkable to see the impact this one movie has had on designers in recent seasons — it started even when the movie was just announced. Chanel Haute Couture, Oscar de la Renta, Miu Miu and Alexander McQueen are just some of the designers inspired by this era. Flapper-style dresses, dropped hemlines and luxe deco-inspired jewels started to make a big impact on runways that trickled all the way down to stores.

Now, with the release of the movie, Tiffany & Co. unveiled a new collection of jewels inspired by the latest adaptation…including the ring-to-wrist pearl and diamond stunner worn by Carrie Mulligan on the current Vogue cover.

While current designers and collections offer many options for those of us enchanted with these styles, we can also go right to the source. On a recent trip to New York, I went searching for some authentic vintage finds. The appeal is quickly apparent; not only can you find something truly unique and beautifully made, but there’s also a sense of history and character to the piece. I love the idea of mixing a vintage piece of clothing or jewelry with my more current and contemporary pieces.

Sometimes, I even think about their original owner — wondering how differently we’re wearing the same piece, how different our lives are. There’s something magical and mysterious about the connection to a woman you know nothing about other than that you wore and loved the same piece of clothing or jewelry and that somehow it has lasted all this time.

But there’s another reason to think about shopping for a vintage piece; it is both ethical and green. I’m not saying that I’m only ever going to wear vintage clothes… but shopping occasionally for vintage is a small way of buying something lasting and special […]

Here are some more tips for shopping vintage:

(1) Follow your heart and your style: When you’re submersed in that vintage shopping experience, it’s easy to lose sight of your own style. Remember you’re not looking for a period costume, but for something that can be incorporated into your existing wardrobe. For me, this means sticking to my trademark palette of black. Think about how you’ll wear the vintage item, how you can update it (with either complementary or juxtaposing items). Vintage is one area where you can really follow your heart and make that impulse purchase because if you wait, you’ll never find that item again.

(2) Ignore sizes and embrace alterations: We all know that sizing has crept up in recent years. This means that what was a size 6 in past decades may be significantly smaller that what we call a size 6 today. If you’re buying online, ask the seller for waist and bust measurements to be confident the item will fit. If you’re buying in person, be sure to try on. Most vintage store-owners can also make recommendations about where small repairs and alterations can be made on a piece too. Don’t rule out a little bit of tailoring to get that perfect fit!

(3) Make a statement: With so many options for great basics in every style, shape and colour today, look specifically for something DIFFERENT when you’re shopping vintage. Seek out bold accessories and embellished clothing, like beading or lace work. Your vintage piece should be a conversation starter… and one secret you’ll gleefully share!

Vintage style is not just something to admire on the silver screen. With a little exploration and experimentation, you can give a vintage piece a new lease on life, a loving home and in the process, give yourself a new fashion outlook!


Wholesale Vintage Clothing Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends

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Fashion trends follow an ongoing circle and when it comes to collecting vintage clothing there is no exception. What is at the end of the curve will soon be in the front and vice versa. If you are not staying in front of the fashion curve then you are being left behind. As a buyer for a vintage store you should not only pay attention to what is in style in your neck of the woods but also what is trending around the world.

This Spring/Summer 2013 fashion trends are proving to be yet another blast from past. Is there nothing new under the sun? Well, not when it comes to vintage fashion.

Keep an eye on the following 7 Vintage Fashion trends this summer:


vintage womens pants

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1. Loose-Fitting Pants

Made popular in the 90’s and back again are the Harem, dhoti, slouchy: No matter what you call them, loose-fitting pants are the pair to have for the warm months ahead. You can team with a vintage vest, or with a blazer. The fashion-forward look works for a night out (dress them up with heels) or a day around town (flats and a jean jacket tank or a soft jacket)









vintage wholesale shorts

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2. Leather or Denim Shorts

We saw the edgy material of denim and leather show up in all sorts of styles this season, from fitted jackets to full-on dresses.  The tailored short, is must have for summer fashion.










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3. The Printed Dress

The printed dress with a beautiful bouquet of florals or a digitized ikat, a pattern is this summer’s top option for rocking a feminine frock. The maxi version and mini cut are both popular and up for your discrestion. For a complete look, throw on an abbreviated leather jacket, a long, thin cardigan (belted, of course), or a menswear-influenced tuxedo jacket.








wholesale vintage blazers

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4. The Blazer

Take a dramatic approach to outerwear with an vintage blazer. Whether you prefer a structured variation or a looser cut, this time-honored staple is a summer winner.










army jackets wholesale

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5. The Army-Green Jacket

The vintage military jacket is officially reporting for duty. For a more everyday look, the perennial fave can also be thrown over a flirty dress or worn with a harem pant.










Vintage Dresses

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6. Pastels

All-the-colors-of-the-rainbow palette comes to life in lightweight summer dresses of the pastel variety. Bubble-gum pink, acid yellow, ice blue, and aquamarine are some of the chicest colors of the season, and metallic accessories add the perfect finishing touch.









vintage stripes

7. Stripes

Fall in line with all things nautical for the season ahead. A good way to navigate this trend is by starting with a striped shirt. No matter what color or cut you prefer, it will always be in fashion. Mix and match the old-school pattern with other seaworthy pieces for an even more on-trend appeal.






For more information on this coming seasons fashion trends check out:
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Vintage Fashion

Top Five Vintage Trends to look out for this Season

Vintage Suit Vests 

Vests have been back in style for a couple of seasons. Now everyone from the fashion chic urban girl, to the sassy sorority princes is wearing stylish vintage suit vests.

Spring Dresses  

Tunic style or strappy style, any flowy cotton dress will do.

Mini Dress or Mini Skirts 

It’s going to get hot this summer and now that showing off as much leg as possible is in, it is only going to get hotter. Sassy cotton mini dresses and skirts will be a big look this summer.

80’s Fashion Boots  

Vintage heels, and 80’s fashion boots will fit any occasion this spring. Dressing up dresses to shorts.

Silk Scarves  

Its nice to have something sexy and pretty to hold that hair out of your face. Now that it is far from cool for girls to wear oversized tacky trucker caps or ball caps in general, it is nice to have something more elegant that will work