How to Merchandise Womens Vintage

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It is good for a buyers to communicate with their store merchandisers how the products should be grouped together. Just because each vintage piece is one off, does not mean that you can not merchandise mixes together. A well thought out marketing plan and creativity can help any store owner or buyer maximize their return on their products.

The following are different ways you can group ladies vintage mixes together

Dust Factory products used in image groupings


  • Poly shirts
  • Western Shirts
  • Delicate Tops
  • Scout Shirts
  • Hippy Tops
  • Ethnic Tops
  • T-shirts



  • Vintage Elastic
  • Wrap Skirts
  • Hippie Skirts
  • Denim Skirts
  • Long Skirts
  • Plaid Skirts

  • Poly Party dress
  • Antique Dress Mix
  • Cotton Dress Mix
  • 50’s House Dress Mix
  • Plaid Skirts
  • 80’s Prom Dress Mix
  • Summer Strapped Mix



  • Sweaters
  • Car Coats
  • 80’s Lightweight Jackets
  • Faux Fur
  • Leather Coats
  • Trench Coats
  • Sweatshirts
  • Baja’s /Ethnic Wear
  • Denim Jackets

  • Ladies Cords
  • 80’s Color Denim
  • 70’s Jeans
  • 70’s Polyester


Men’s Vintage Clothing Merchandising Tips

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Merchandising vintage clothing can get a little tricky if you want to maximize the your return on your investment.  Most women who work in a vintage clothing store know how to merchandise a mannequin with women’s clothing but miss a lot of opportunities when they start dressing the men. It is important for product buyers and merchandisers to understand how different items can be grouped together, and displayed.

The following are different groupings to assist buyers and merchandisers

Product mixes :


Army Shirts


Mens Disco Shirts

Mens Retro Shirts

Boy Scout Shirts

Sport Shirts



Hawaiian Shirts

Tuxedo Shirts

Western Shirts

Flannel Shirts

Three Button Polos

Hippie Shirts


Light 80s  Jackets

Military Jackets

Field Jackets

Track Jackets

Members Only/80’s

Vintage Suit Coat

Tuxedo Jacket

Work Jacket

Leisure Suit Jacket

Leather Jackets

Denim Jackets

Trench Coats


Bajas /Ethnic Wear

Men’s Sweaters

Insulated Jean Jackets


MenPoly Pants


Mens Jeans – 70s

Levi 501, 517

Boot cut Lee, Levi,

Wrangler Denim

70s Tuxedo Pants

Work Pants

Checkered Poly Pants

Western Poly Pants