Certified Organic Wool

Certified Organic Wool

Certified Organic Wool | Image Courtesy of treehugger.com

At Dust Factory Vintage Clothing we always look forward to new to new seasons fashion collections, this coming Autumn/Winter 2011 is no exception.

Our favorite go to choice for fabrics is Recycled Textiles, however our favorite natural fiber of the season is organic wool. But as EcoSalon’s Amy DuFault points out (via Ecco Eco), there are both “environmental and ethical complexities of this natural fiber we so adore.

Last year O-Wool, the leading certified-organic wool at the time, was beginning to fold due to financial reasons. Since then, Tooney Wool Company in Philadelphia, PA, has become the new big dog and owner and distributor of certified-organic-yarns. Whose past clientele list is rather impressive with brands like Patagonia, Timberland, J.Crew, Linda Loudermilk, Diane von Furstenberg, Loomstate, Bahar Shahpar, and Bodkin.

Organic Wool Sheep

Certified Organic Wool | Image Courtesy of Treehugger.com

Tree Hugger has great sideshow presentation with Tom’s of Maine Founder showing you how to Produce Ethical Wool undergarments. Check Here to View!

In an interview with EcoSalon, Jocelyn Tunney, of Tunney Wool Company, says “One would want to purchase organic wool for the same reasons as one would want to purchase organic food.” She continues, below.

It’s a more sustainable farming solution, is kinder to the animals and is healthier for the consumer. Conventional wool is grown like conventional food – the land and sheep are sprayed and dipped in pesticides as a cheap means to increase salable product. The land [certified-]organic wool comes from has to go through the same transition and certification process as the land organic food comes from.”

Let’s not forget when it comes to purchasing wool products the most ecological wool is the the stuff you already have hanging in your closet, recycled wool or what you find at a vintage clothing store or thrift shop is close second. However when you don’t have either of these options you should make sure that you are purchasing certified-organic and mulesing-free wool.

Information Courtesy of Treehugger.com and EcoSalon.com

Recycled Keyboard Shoulder Purse

Recycled Purse Made From a Keyboard
Check out this cool little handbag. I wish that I would of thought of this last time we were updating our computers and hardware. It is not really recycling vintage clothing, like we normally do, but it is recycling and it is an accessory. This kind of reminds me of the Cassette Coin Purse, and other clever inventions.

The folks over at Perpetualkid.com have this for sale on their storefront. This is what they have to say about it:

My type of style! Go wireless with our techno savvy Recycled Keyboard Shoulder Purse.  It’s made from recycled computer keyboards. Show off you environmental a-wear-ness and “re”decorate with some eco-friendly goods! Your friends will be “green” with envy!

Makes the perfect gift for that geeky girl in your life!

Our Recycled Keyboard Shoulder Purse measures 7.5 inches tall x 9.5 inches wide.  Shoulder Strap measures 20 inches from shoulder to bag.

They are going for $44.95 over at Perpetualkid.comRecycled Purse Made From a Keyboard