Retail Manager Notes: The Art of Upselling

Selling Vintage Clothing

One of the most important jobs a salesperson has to do is to add value to a sale that the customer is already willing to make. There are many missed opportunities as salespeople commit key errors during the course of each encounter with a customer. Learning to up sell, or add to a sure sale, is a vital skill, and you can learn it!

  1. Talk with your customer. Sounds pretty basic, right? But so many salespeople simply nod and smile, or hover, rather than chatting the customer up. Talking to the customer will allow you to learn what things the customer is interested in. This will help you turn a little sale into a bigger one.
  2. Bone up on your product knowledge. The more you know about your products, the more you will know about how different products can add value to the product your customer is buying. Let the customer know how these things can make the product they want better.   Read more

Losing a sale isn’t nearly as bad as losing a customers loyalty

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Telling your third customer in a row that you are sold out of popular item is more than frustrating for a shop manager. Losing a sale not only effects your numbers, but it means that you might lose a customer, or their loyalty which can be worse.

When you lose a sale to a first time customer, they will most likely move on and look somewhere else.  If you lose a sale to a loyal customer, they might look somewhere else as well, and that ‘somewhere else‘ will most likely be at one of your competitors. Each time they come up empty handed, you lose a little bit more of their loyalty. If this happens too much you can lose them altogether. If that happens often, you will not be an business for very much longer.

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How to Build a Clothing Display Rack Using Reclaimed Pallets

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clothing display rack

clothing display rack

Factory Vintage has just put out a free download on how to build a sustainable clothing display rack using reclaimed pallets. The step by step PDF goes into to detail on what supplies are needed and how to assemble the display. What better way to show off amazing reclaimed pieces than on a sustainable display rack made of reclaimed items.

Get the Free Download Here

clothing display rack

5 Vintage Wholesale New Years Resolutions

vintage clothing retro
1. Buy less and buy smart: Check those labels. Search out brands and products that reflect your recycled lifestyle. There can be a huge difference in the contents of everyday items like laundry detergent, household cleaners and more. Don’t rush out to buy the next new thing you see on Good Mornig America of Dr. Phil. Garages and basements all over the world are filled with junk that we really didn’t need – the solution – don’t buy that crap in the first place. It’s important to support brands and products that reflect your values (stay out of that big box store). Don’t be a victim of fads and the mega-brand marketing machine. Look for items that perform more than one function so you can Do more with less.

2. Keep it local: Shop at your local vintage store instead at the mall. Buy veggies from local farms and farmers. Search out local craftsman for things like furniture and home decor – items that can often be made of reclaimed wood are usually of the highest quality. Keep small businesses alive.

3. Recycle and reuse more: Make sure you go the extra step in getting your refuse into your local recycling stream and out of the landfill. Also, forget using paper towels and small versions of things (like bottled water) that come in plastic containers. Start using simple things like reusable dish towels, reusable water and drink bottles and reusable grocery bags. Little things can make a big difference.

4. Try to live more sustainably: Install a new programmable thermostat in your house, it will help you save time and energy. Start a garden. If possible, grow your own fruits and veggies. Even apartment dwellers can start a container garden or kitchen herb garden. Gardening can help both your pocketbook and your waistline. Purchase vintage clothing and used products to save money and add some character and style to your home or wardrobe. If you’re at the beach or a park, pick up some trash to help the community – you can never have enough clean, natural space.

5. Drive less and drive ‘green’: Be aware of your driving patterns. Drivers can increase their gas mileage and reduce their emissions by driving sensibly. No quick starts and stops. Use that HOV lane and cruise control. If you have a short commute or your grocery store is nearby hit the streets on your bicycle and save on fuel and emissions. Make your next car a fuel efficient model.

Vintage Clothing Store Marketing Ideas- Clothing Swap

Vintage Clothing Marketing Notes

Clothing swaps are a great way to attract the attention of all of your towns stylish scavengers plus get them to gather in one place.  If you are looking for  a way to increase your sales and start a word of mouth marketing campaign at the same time why not plan a used and vintage clothing exchange.

What you do is:

  1. first plan a date that will work
  2. set up place where people can bring in clothes and exchange out clothes.

You can have it either at your shop or you could hold the even somewhere else. There are benefits for having it at your shop, but it also takes a little more work making sure that your merchandise does not get mixed into the exchange. You see the basic premise is this.

Expect to plan a swapshop-style exchange with a unique collection of gently used, vintage & even some modern clothing, accessories & footwear.

Have everyone bring a bag and take a bag!

NOTE: The main focus is on women’s fashions, but men’s items should also be welcome (no kid’s clothing or toys).

Save-the-date &  spread the word re: this eco-fab & economical event!

How the Clothing Exchange/Swap Works


Charge $6 for Advance/Early-Bird tickets + your swap loot (limited number avail.) & Charge $10 at the door
(+ a  bag of gently used/vintage clothing)

Have everyone drop their clothing stash by a earlier date so that the items can be sorted.
Note: Tell those who contribute their loot in advance will be entered into a draw for a $50 store credit to get them motivated!


The following rules should be posted so that everyone is on the same page.

1. Participants are expected to contribute a minimum of 1 bag of decent cast-offs (8 to 10 items). Swap loot must be dropped off chosen date, in order to purchase a $6 advance ticket (vs. $10 at the door day-of).

2. No damaged or dirty items, only bring clean/decent quality clothing & accessories to the SWAP

3. Each participant can leave with 1 large tote or 2 grocery bags of wearables (a significant haul per person!). Bags will be provided.

1. All leftover items will be donated to chosen charity, which raises money for various social service programs.
2. A portion of the admission fee will benefit our chosen charity

Key Items to Swap:

  • Tons of clothing, shoes, bags & accessories (incl. some vintage & maternity items)
  • A table of fabric & craft supplies
  • A few *new* indie designer gems hidden in the piles from our shop

What You Can Expect:

  • clothing & accessories divided into categories (eg. tops, shoes, coats, etc.)
  • a bit of chaos, but lots of fun too
  • mirrors on-site, but no private change rooms, so please dress accordingly (wear leggings or layers)

DO BRING this kind of stuff:
~jackets ~ tops ~ sweaters ~ skirts ~ jeans ~ dresses ~ hats ~ scarves ~ bags ~ PJs ~ shoes & boots ~ belts ~ active wear ~ purses ~ pants
~costume jewellery

~ home decor ~ books & mags ~ baby or kid stuff ~ furniture ~ toys

Plan for a good turn out. Get some snacks and even a few beverages for the event. Be sure to promote your shop and have fun!

Vintage Clothing + Rock & Roll = SXSW

Vintage Clothing and Rock n Roll
Every year in the middle of March Austin, Texas turns into the music Mecca of the world when they host their annual South by Southwest® (SXSW) conference. According to their website ( the South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conferences & Festivals offer the unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies. Fostering creative and professional growth alike, SXSW is the premier destination for discovery. This year marks the 25th anniversary for the SXSW Music and Media conference. It always starts out with the SXSW® Film Conference and Festival , although the past three years they have ran a Multi-Media conference with the film conference then the music starts. The conference switches gears into a full blown music conference. This is not to be mistaken as a music  festival like ACL or Coachella, it is nothing like that. This is a full blown conference with musicians from all around the world playing all genera of music at different venues throughout the city. Some you have heard of, some are hoping to get noticed, it is amazing.

Check out the below video of Hometown Artist Suzanna Choffel as she gets ready to play the big stage:

What is so unique about this conference is not only the artists and musicians that they attract all around the world, but the parties and concerts that are going on just about anywhere. Most of these Non-SXSW parties have nothing to do with the event itself, but since the bands and the promoters are all in one place, there is no telling what can go on. We have friends that have caught Willie Nelson putting on a show at a Gas Station one year, where another group of friends caught Morrisey playing at a bowling alley. One of our favorite non-SXSW parties has to be at Cream Vintage, right off of the drag. For the past 7 years Cream Vintage has hosted parties featuring bands like Sweden’s Division of Laura Lee, to New York’s We are Scientists, each band is unique and so is each day of the party.

Vintage Clothing and Rock n Roll

Cream Vintage is located right off of the Drag on Dean Keaton Avenue across from the University of Texas. The party is in the parking lot behind the store. So basically you walk through a killer vintage clothing store packed with a huge selection of vintage dresses, vintage jeans, vintage t-shirts and more, into their back yard parking lot area. That is where they have a stage set up with live music, more Texas Select Beer than you can imagine, and just an all around killer vibe. Cream Vintage always hosts one day of the party with local bands from Austin and surrounding areas in Texas, then leases out the spot to different promoters from around the world on the other days. Needless to say the event is always pretty spectacular and they variety of talent that one can catch is truly amazing.

Vintage Clothing

If you are in Austin right now, head on over the Cream Vintage and be ready to have your mind blown.