Why Vintage? (continued 2)

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Why Vintage Clothing?
When vintage shops customers were narrowed between theater students and collectors, buyers didn’t have to continuously re-fill their racks. As the market grew so did most buyers strategies.

Buyers for Vintage Clothing Stores in the past are different from the buyers of today. When vintage shops customers were narrowed between theater students and collectors, buyers didn’t have to continuously re-fill their racks. As the market grew so did most buyers strategies. It seams some buyers are content with their techniques from the past, while others are forced to obtain their merchandise in other ways. Differences between the time and resources that the actual vintage buyers have, will predicate how and what type of merchandise each shop will carry. Some buyers choose to get their pieces by continuously spending there weekends hitting up vintage swap meets, garage sales, or estate sales. Everyone at one time or so, vintage collector or not, has spent a Saturday or Sunday morning driving from garage sale to garage sale. Some times it pays off and the buyer can find great eclectic pieces through shopping this way, but more times than none they’ll spend hours upon hours sifting through piles of clothes, or whatever the hunt is for, in peoples front yards to come up with a couple of pieces or none. A vintage collectors time is valuable, seeing how most buyers are in fact shop owners, and would rather spend time at there shop where they are needed most, instead of peoples yards. Vintage Clothing Swap Meets are a good alternative, if a city near the buyer even hosts one. Unfortunately most vendors at these swap meets are in fact shop owners themselves, trying to sling there second hand dead stock* for cheap, while they sell there good vintage merchandise at a retail price. Sometimes good deals can be found, but again, the time and effort to sift through these swap meets can be demanding, leaving buyers to many times empty handed.

Most Vintage buyers that need to purchase in bulk, skip over garage sales and vintage clothing swap meets completely, and go directly for the source. They hit a rag house, the end of the rode for most clothes. Rag houses are warehouses that collect every charitable clothing item that anyone, anywhere, has ever given away. They are kind of like the manufacturer for the vintage clothing industry, if you can accept that they are not actually manufacture anything. They are instead more like the ultimate supplier for the industry. Although supplying for vintage buyers is not what the company are set up to do. Some donated items are picked out and sold in second hand thrift stores. Nonetheless, it seems that more times than none, the clothing ends up at a rag house that will bail it, weigh it, and ship it to another country. Vintage shop buyers have bean hitting up rag houses for years now, asking them to sift through there merchandise and pull out pieces that would sell in a shop. Many rag houses have found that it is indeed profitable to separate vintage pieces from the rest of their rags, to sell to vintage collectors. For a little more per pound than the average bails, a vintage buyer can purchase 1000-pound bales of merchandise that they need for their shop. This is a better solution than hunting down single pieces at garage sales or swap meets, but it still leaves a lot to be un-desired.


(Land of yogurt, granola, and vinatge Swapmeets. If youre lucky enough, like the folks in California, you might just beable to take a Sunday off and head to the Rose Bowl for a Vinatge Clothing Swapmeet. You may have better luck at one of these than at the neighborhood garage sales. Just be ready to bargain, because most vendors have a Vinatge shop somewhere else. FROM THE TOP One sunday a month in Los Angeles, California the Rose Bowl hosts a section for vintage clotheing at there swap meet. All pictires taken from Denim An American Legend. Iain Finlayson. p.36)

Vintage Clothing Wholesale Summer Specials

wholesale vintage t-shirts

Dust Factory is having a special on select vintage items just in time for summer. For a limited time only t-shirts, sweaters and dresses are on sale.

vintage clothing specials

  • Vintage Zip Up Hoodies: $4/pc
  • Vintage Nascar T-Shirts: $4/pc
  • Vintage Mickey T-Shirts: $4/pc
  • Vintage Destination T-Shirts: $4/pc
  • Cardigan Sweaters: $4/pc
  • Womens Silk Blouses: $3/pc
  • Womens Dress mix (70s-90s): $5/dress
  • Track jackets and windbreakers $5/pc.



Contact Us Below While Supplies Last


save on vintage clothing
*Use the contact form below to tell us what you are interested in and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.



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    Vintage Clothing Wholesale Showroom in Europe!

    Dust Factory Vintage Clothing Wholesale would like to announce the opening of  a Vintage Showroom/Distribution center open in Rotterdam, Netherlands with a special selection of premium vintage items from the USA available to our European customers.

    Vintage Clothing WHolesale Europe

    The warehouse will be open for visits and to ship to the EU & UK for a limited time only!

    If you have a vintage clothing shop in Europe and would like us to ship you an order from our Rotterdam location, or if you would like to set an appointment to visit the location to please fill out your contact information below and one of representatives will get back to you:


    STATUS UPDATE: We closed down our EU warehouse because it was more cost effective for our EU accounts to receive the freshest, stock available from the source. We are able to source much more grades of american vintage clothing from our US distribution centers, which gave us more control over the quality and quantity that was needed to meet the demands for our EU buyers.  Join the other 50 buyers across the EU that order from Dust Factory on a regular basis. If you would like to place and order, you can OPEN AN ACCOUNT HERE


    Vintage Outerwear:

    • College Jackets
    • Sweatshirt
    • Mohair Jackets
    • Railroad Jackets
    • Branded Jackets
    • Faux Fur
    • Leather Jackets
    • Army Jackets
    • Heavy Winter Mens’ Mix
    • Jean Jackets
    • Cardhart Jackets
    • Nylon Baseball Jackets
    • Vintage Sweaters / Cardigan, Pull-over, Holiday
    • Members Only
    • Track Jackets
    • Hoodies

    Vintage Pants:

    • Polyester Pants
    • Vintage Jeans
    • Vintage Levis

    Vintage Clothing Women:

    Vintage Tops & Dresses:
    Vintage Dresses 50’s-70’s
    Womens’ Blouses
    Secretary Blouses
    Vintage T-shirts

    Vintage Clothing Men:

    • Western Pearl Snap Shirts
    • Men’s 50’s-70’s button Downs
    • Vintage T-shirts
    • Vintage Flannel Light
    • Heavy Flannel Shirts
    • CPO’s

    Vintage Accessories:

    • Cowboyboots

    Vintage Wholesale Extras:

    • Thermals
    • Vintage Blankets
    • Vintage Mix Boxes


    For more information about Dust Factory Vintage Wholesale European Vintage Clothing Distribution Center please contact a sales representative or fill out the shop information request above.


    Ugly Sweater Holiday Parties

    Winter Vintage Party Outerwear

    Holiday Party Season: This season don’t miss out on hosting or sponsoring a few winter parties through your vintage shop. Each year the ugly sweater and funky winter outerwear parties have been popping up all over the place. Not just at fun bars and private parties but at workplace functions, fraternity parties and more.

    Don’t be left in the cold!

    How to take advantage of Holiday Sales by Sponsoring Parties!

    wholesale ugly sweatersSend out an email, put up a sign in your shop and tell your employees to get the word out to all of your customers that your SHOP is the place to go get outfitted for these parties. Don’t be afraid to offer discount codes to group events or specific parties. To do this all you have to do inform party hosts to mention your shop and discount in their party invites or digital Evite’s. It is that simple!

    With Retail Mark-ups being some of the highest in the industry it is easy to improve your bottom line this holiday season!


    Dust Factory Vintage Faux Fur Wholesale are on sale for $16 a jacket online now when purchasing a pack of 12.

    Follow Us to  Order Vintage Faux Fur Wholesale for your Store Today!

    Dust Factory Vintage Ski Sweaters Wholesale are on sale for $10 a sweater online now when purchasing a pack of 12.

    Follow Us to Order Vintage Ski Sweaters!

    Offers Valid for a limited time, or while supplies last. If you are outside of the USA you may be unable to process an order through our Online warehouse , FEAR NOT!! If you are having difficulty with the Online warehouse, you can always  email an order into an account representative and they will get back to you with availability and freight rates. . It is that Easy!

    Vintage Dress Mix

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    wholesale_vintage_dress-Mix#507 Vintage Dress Mix

    Cool, Sexy, Classic. Each dress in the duSt FaCTorY Vintage Dress Mix is a genuine delight to behold. The craftsmanship in these dresses from the 60’s & 70’s reminds us when time and effort were both key to designing a good formal dress. This mix is hard to come by so put in your order now, or wait on the waiting list.



    #507 Wholesale Women’s Vintage Dresses

    Item # 507
    Fabric: Polyester, Varied
    Eras: 60’s-80’s

    Please Note that the photo is only a sample of the type of items we use for our Mix. 12 Pack of Vintage Dresses. 4 small 4 medium 4 large Each pack is original and one of a kind, no two packs are alike. For more information on how we put together our 12 packs please Follow US

    Vintage “Inspiration”


    This Past Weekend in Los Angeles Buy and Sell “inspiration”

    The kulture recycling & vintage fashion event “Inspiration” was hosted by Rin Tanaka, the author of the “My Freedamn!” book series. Under the big theme of his life, “vintage fashion,” this event was held at one of the coolest “event halls” in Los Angeles, “Barker Hanger,” which is located inside Santa Monica Airport. As the photo on this page shows, this vintage-looking space was mostly used as vintage airplane storage for repair crews, but on February 12th and 13th, 2010, this huge indoor space (capacity: 3,000 people) was  filled with many vintage fashion fans from around the world!

    During this two-day show, a total of 60 vendors and exhibitors were set up unique and very special booths displaying their own inspiration: 35 vintage fashion dealers, 10 designer & artist booths, 8 charity garage sales, and 7 special exhibitions. Their business concept in this vintage atmosphere is to “buy and sell inspiration.” Actually, many “kulture recycling” products, mainly vintage American fashions manufactured in the 1910s-1980s, will be displayed everywhere in this hall. Vintage fans will get amazing opportunities to view so many vintage items. Most items will be “for sale,” except for special exhibition decorations.

    The main targets of this show were worldwide vintage fashion enthusiasts, not only from all 50 states but also from Japan, Canada, and other places worldwide!