Vintage Clothing by the POUND

If you have an established market and can move a range of product then purchasing vintage clothing by the pound may be the perfect option.

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The Dust Factory Bales are broken down into itemized mixes for bulk purchases.

  •  50 LB bale …… $350 ($7 lb)
  •  100 LB bale …… $600 ($6 lb)
  •  500 LB bale …… $2000 ($4 lb)
REQUIREMENTS: 50lb per item minimum. $700 order minimum
RECOMMENDATIONS: Brick & Mortar Location/s, established clientele, price points and marketing schedules


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Product Information:

The Dust Factory Bales are a wholesale mixed offering of mens and womens vintage clothing sold by the pound.

Our vintage boxes and bales consist of both men’s and women’s recycled or reused clothing from the 60’s through the early 2000’s. Some of our items are from specific dates. Some of our more staple items have descriptions on our website that will inform you of more specific time periods in each mix.

Each bales reflects the best condition, size-run and style of pieces. We sift through millions of pounds of clothes each year looking for the best vintage for our customers. We weed through the uncool, pulling out the good stuff for our accounts. With a dedicated warehouse staff that has extensive retail experience, we know what sells and make sure that each mix is getting an accurate size run and styles for the highest potential retail mark-up.



What’s you’re buying style? We’ve got you covered.

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Dust Factory 12 Packs

Perfect for small-midsize buyer. Broke down by category, styles and size runs. 12 pieces sold in a pack with 3sm 3md 3lg 3xl.

vintage wholesale box


Dust Factory Boxes

Great for mid-size buyer. Broke down by pieces that reflect a specific style. Each boxes contents are viewable before purchase.

vintage by the pound


Dust Factory Bales

Great option for bulk buyers. Sold by the pound and is made up of a variety of pieces that reflect a specific style.



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